AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organization which has established its presence in 114 countries today with over a 1 million membership base. We strive for PEACE AND FULFILLMENT OF HUMANKIND’S POTENTIAL, by developing young leaders, mainly through cross-cultural exchange experiences and internship opportunities.

AIESEC in Sri Lanka was established in 1995 as a member chapter in AIESEC international and is currently present at 15 Universities in Sri Lanka. AIESEC in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is one of the most outstanding local committees under AIESEC in Sri Lanka, having an active membership base of 200+ undergraduates from 6 different faculties. 

During this calendar year, we, as an entity with determined individuals, have taken a step towards inspiring the youth and harnessing their professional potential through our latest initiative, SYNDICATE – Challenge Your Perspective.

SYNDICATE is a business case study competition organized by AIESEC in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, in partnership with the Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS). Our aim is to provide Youth, an opportunity to develop their innovativeness, problem-solving skills, and knowledge in terms of Business Management, through the analysis of real-world corporate situations. The platinum partner for the competition is LB Finance PLC.

SYNDICATE is an open competition for both Students and Undergraduates, who are interested in jumpstarting their professional careers with an amazing learning experience while competing to stand a chance to win a CASH PRIZE of 50000 LKR and valuable SCHOLARSHIPS from ICBS. Also, the participants will receive a valuable e-certificate.

The main highlight for this competition is the knowledgeable and informative workshops conducted prior to the competition, exclusively for the participants by renowned experts in the business field. Here the contestants will be given a foundation knowledge on areas that could be questioned, how to tackle real-world business issues and how to develop their initial idea into a more suitable, practical, and feasible solution. 

The initial workshop, prior to the preliminary round, was successfully concluded on the 14th of July. Through this workshop, the contestants were given a thorough understanding of the competition. This workshop was exclusively conducted for the 53 teams with 142 members in total who registered for the competition.

The initial segment of the workshop was conducted by the Academic Director of ICBS, Mr. Pravinth Rajaratnam explaining the instructions and guidelines that the competitors have to follow throughout the preliminary and final rounds of the competition. The latter segment of the workshop was hosted by the Deputy General Manager – Strategy and Digital Finance of LB Finance PLC, Mr. Bimal Perera, sharing valuable insights on the latest trends in Digital Finance.

The top teams selected from the preliminary round will get the privilege to participate in the final competition which will be held on the 14th of August. The top contestants would be guided through another workshop prior to the final competition. The finale will be broadcasted live through SYNDICATE Facebook Event Page.

SYNDICATE is not only a competition but also will be a lifetime learning experience for these contestants who are willing to unveil their true potential. That is why SYNDICATE is the ideal competition for young, passionate, and solution-oriented individuals to challenge and develop themselves.

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