Thagi Gift Boxes – Curated Sri Lankan gift boxes for corporates and individuals

The art of gifting has always been a challenge for both individuals and organizations in Sri Lanka but in recent times there has been a revolution in this space thanks to the arrival of Thagi Gift Boxes. Thagi Gift Boxes creates curated gift boxes to suit any client’s unique requirements, varying budgets and distinctive style […]

Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) presents 25 full scholarships worth Rs.1.5 million each through “Young Business Leaders Scholarship”

Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS), one of the fastest-growing education providers in Sri Lanka, in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), is presenting students the chance to win 25 full academic scholarships worth Rs.1.5 million each through the “Young Business Leaders Scholarship”. Accordingly, any Sri Lankan student who is due […]

Joel Outschoorn set out to guide the upcoming enthusiasts in the art of presenting

Joel Outschoorn also known as Joel the host is a big name in the media industry, known for his talent of public speaking and presenting for some of the major events and leading programs in media.  Having studied at St. Peters College, Joel pursued his education in business and marketing, completing the CIM, UK qualification […]