“Life is about taking whisks and chasse towards your dreams!” This is a phrase Annie Ligory, an accomplished Standard and Latin American dancer, and a successful home baker, says when asked about how life is now.  Annie is a career woman, who balances between her 9 to 5 job, being a mom, dancing and baking. […]

SANASA empowers rural communities with Model Spice Processing plant in Orgodapola

SANASA Entrepreneur Financial Expertise Centre (SEFEC) continues to empower rural communities through its latest initiative of constructing a Model Spice Processing Plant at Rideegama in the Kurunegala District. The opening ceremony of the plant was graced by the presence of the Governor of the North-Western Province Raja Kollure, Former Chairperson of North Western Provincial Council […]

Workout.lk to host webinar on ‘Health, Vitality, and Immunity for 2021’

A new year dawns, and with it, comes hope. Not hope that things will magically change at the stroke of midnight, but hope that we will be better able to handle what comes our way in 2021. Independent fitness startup Workout.lk is kicking off 2021 with an informative Zoom webinar on health, vitality, and immunity. […]

Founder of Sri Lanka’s first Health Food restaurant plans next chapter

Sri Lanka’s burgeoning heath food industry owes much to Duaine Peiris, who was the first person to start a restaurant devoted to healthy eating when he opened Calorie Counter in 2015. The restaurant was an instant hit, reflecting the desire for healthy food among the residents of Colombo. While many restaurants have since attempted to […]

More colour on my plate – more nutrients


It is found that when some food is laid before them, people eat three times. First with their eyes, eagerly searching for colour and variation on the plate, secondly with the nose searching for familiar smells and also the wonderful aromas that come from the addition of spices and herbs and lastly taste with the […]

Going back to our roots. Our grandparents’ diet and lifestyle


This fascinating topic takes us to a timeline 40 to 50 years ago and before. The extended family was intact. So there were plenty of hands to share household chores and quality time to prepare food together from age-old recipes, to eat and to feed children. A number of curries, sambols, chutneys, pickles and short […]

The Introduction to Food Based Dietary Guidelines


The current global health disaster COVID-19 (also commonly called coronavirus) pandemic, is an “important moment” to ask ourselves about the levels of immunity among individuals. These questions come in the form of “how come most people who are carriers of the virus do not succumb to the illness? While about 5 to 10% do and […]