Park Street Gourmet, Sri Lanka’s one-stop store for finest quality craft, local, and international produce, has unveiled its latest premium store located in the historic city of Galle. To mark the launch of the new store, Park Street Gourmet is offering their highly sought-after premium Christmas hampers, providing customers living in and around the city of Galle the chance to celebrate Christmas in style.

While the typical off-the-shelf Christmas hampers come with fixed prices and mundane food and beverages, Park Street Gourmet Galle has taken the art of gift hampers to the next level by providing you customized premium Christmas hampers. They allow you to pick and choose each individual item from their vast collection of the finest international and local food and drink so that you can create the perfect Christmas hamper tailor-made for your budget and the recipient’s personal taste. In anticipation of an exciting Christmas and New Year holiday season, Park Street Gourmet Galle has brought down a wide array of international food and drink to provide you with the widest choice. These include popular food items such as pasta, jams, chutneys, olive oils, bee’s honey, syrups, cakes, chocolates, nuts, cookies, sauces, and snacks, as well as beverages such as premium tea and coffee and artisan hot chocolate.

Park Street Gourmet Galle is conveniently located at No.9, Matara Road, Galketiya Rd, Unawatuna and provides ample parking and spacious interiors. Walk-in customers can browse through the wide range of products on offer and handpick the best items to create the perfect personalized hamper. In addition to creating unique hampers, they can also take home some of the finest gourmet food, drinks and ingredients to add to their seasonal menus and enjoy cuisines from around the world with their family and friends this holiday season. One of the most attractive features of Park Street Gourmet Galle is the exclusive selection of value and premium beverages from around the world that perfectly complement the local and international food on offer. Their highly-experienced retail specialists have meticulously researched and sourced an impressive portfolio of the best beverages from 9 countries to satisfy the most discerning aficionado.

Park Street Gourmet Galle’s Christmas hampers can also be delivered to your doorstep through multiple delivery options including their very own and third-party delivery partners such as Uber Eats, PickMe Food, while EatMe Global is ready to sign up in the near future. You can also simply log on to or call us on 0114333505 to place your orders and have them safely delivered to your doorstep.

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