The world is a very mysterious place filled with endless questions that even science can’t solve. At one time it seems to be very calm and happy but there are also times where it becomes very angry and sad. For me, it almost feels like the world is alive. Well, if we think carefully it actually is. It has all the elements that we have. It has trees to breathe, rivers to transports nutrients such as minerals, the ground which acts like the bones, and all the animals and people who provide the secret element that completes and holds everything in place. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that has an infinite number of pieces. All these teeny tiny pieces gathered together build up a spectacular puzzle called the world. If one piece falls apart the whole puzzle becomes incomplete. We are all a part of this puzzle. Each piece in it represents each and every one of us.

 We all have a role to play during our lifetime. Every one of us is important to keep this world alive. Each one of us provides colors to this blank canvas. Nowadays mankind is trying to build robots that look and act just like living beings. Well, I think that it’s impossible. Although we think that the brain is the secret ingredient to life; I say that it’s not true.  Each one of us brings elements that complete the secret recipe of life; Joy, laughter, anger, sadness, clumsiness, strength, confidence, artisticness, nerdiness, and every other element is all brought by us.                                                    

I consider myself an important person because I’m one of the pieces that complete the puzzle of life. Although I’m a child, I also help to keep this world alive.  I might not be able to provide a service to this world as I still don’t have a career. But I think that’s the best thing about being a child; I can be anything I want. We children have the most important role to play in this world which is to believe in the impossible. A child’s mind is very unique and different. Although a lot of grownups think that a child’s thoughts are very simple; I think it’s not true. From my experience, I think that children are able to see things from a different point of view; which is positivity.  I think I’m a positive person myself. I consider the impossible as possible. I think that it’s my secret talent.  Although sometimes I feel that the chances of something becoming a reality aren’t doable; I never give up believing in it.                                                       

I’m a person who provides laughter, clumsiness, artisticness and positivity to the secret potion of life. I sometimes consider myself a laughter virus. When a person is feeling down; I think that it’s time to work out my magic. I always dream of a world filled with smiling faces. Although it’s impossible; I never stop believing in it. I do my best to turn that dream into a reality. That is the best thing about kids. We try to bring dreams to life. I think that if everyone was able to think as kids do, the world would be one happy rainbow.                                                       

The problem that the modern world has is the lack of positivity, friendship and laughter. Every time I step out into the world, I feel like it’s dying day by day. Sometimes I see the world as a dark cave with a few fireflies that aren’t powerful enough to beat the darkness. If we keep on becoming self-centered and careless, eventually the world will die.                                             

There were times where I questioned myself whether I was important or not. But when I heard what others thought and felt about me, all those questions just faded away. If you are a person who doubts about your impotency, just open up and hear what others feel about you. We aren’t alone in this world. There is always someone with us. The reason why a lot of us feel this way is because of the sudden changes we faced as mankind during the technological revolution. With the awakening of social media platforms, a lot of us felt that we were being judged considering likes, dislikes and comments that people who really don’t know about us gave. It can be considered as the point where humanity started to lose its touch. That led to fights and self-doubts. A lot of us changed who we are just to fit in. Because of this, some pieces of the puzzle fell apart. The world started to lose its magic.

We can bring back the spark that today’s world is lacking. We don’t want to live in a dark cave without any light. Deep down we all want to live in a beautiful and colorful world filled with hope and laughter.  The secret potion of life is slowly losing its ingredients; if we don’t act quickly it could be the end of this amazing and mysterious thing called life that keeps all of us alive.

It’s us who stole the world’s magic. It’s time to give it back and restore the world back to itself. If we take children as an example and try to spread laughter, happiness, positivity, friendship and hope, we can make the world a better place. What today’s world and society need is a bit of cheering up and hope. Although a few fireflies aren’t able to light up a dark cave, if a swarm of fireflies got together and worked together there is a possibility.  Don’t try to change yourself; try to be the best version of yourself and most importantly believe in yourself. Spread hope and positivity with others and just tell others how important they are to you. Eventually, we would be able to bring the world back to life.

-Contributor: G.G. Sugame Lavanya Abeysiri Gunawardena

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