ZENGAGE has expanded its wings in the UK with Scores Consultancy Group after helping over 500 startups and entrepreneurs in seven countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Maldives.

ZENGAGE takes pride in announcing the appointment of Dilrukshan Fernando as Advisor to Scores Consultancy Group (SCG), an independent student-led consultancy group based in St. Andrews, UK. SCG is comprised of a group of energetic and enthusiastic undergraduate students from various academic disciplines, spanning from Economics to International Relations and Sustainable Development. The diversity inherent in having a large number of students from various academic areas distinguishes SCG as a unique consulting firm with new conceptualization and out-of-the-box thinking that gives its clients a unique perspective.

SCG’s consultants are committed to providing clients with well-informed solutions, with the assistance and guidance of their valued advisors. Additionally, they strive to provide a learning atmosphere and a platform for its consultants to sharpen new abilities by encouraging direct interaction with customers and the development of relationships with them. Additionally, SCG aspires to build a supportive environment within to promote the exchange of experience and expertise among its consultants, so enhancing their self-development.

ZENGAGE was founded in 2019 as a premium platform for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners, and has been committed to empowering founders throughout their businesses’ rollercoaster journeys. As the pioneer in Sri Lanka for Founder Coaching, ZENGAGE has helped 500+ startup founders from 30+ industries in transforming their passion into profitable business ventures through coaching, consultancy, and training.

Dilrukshan Fernando, the Founder, and CEO of ZENGAGE is a multi-talented genius. Being a serial entrepreneur and CEO of two globally famous businesses, he is a sought-after keynote speaker. Dilrukshan has coached 16,000+ delegates worldwide on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Startups as the youngest member of the Global Game Changers Community from Sri Lanka. Dilrukshan is also the Founder and Thought Leader of two business communities, ZENGAGE Masterminds and Millionaires Club, whose sole purpose is to assist Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Business Owners in learning, networking, collaborating, and growing successful firms.

As a startup founder, you are frequently faced with the task of building a firm from the ground up, overcoming all barriers. It’s a challenging balancing act that involves managing the organization’s overarching strategy and vision, hiring and maintaining the best staff, and ensuring there is sufficient cash on hand. Whether you’re starting from scratch, scaling quickly, or transitioning to the next stage of growth or change, ZENGAGE coaching and consultation help you gain clarity on what success looks like. It assists in developing an actionable motivating plan to reach your goals while eliminating roadblocks and overcoming obstacles along the way to achieving your entrepreneurial dream.

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