Today, more than ever, the need for successful entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial mindsets is critical. Many countries are increasingly heavily reliant on entrepreneurs who can bring novel products and services that contribute to socio-economic growth. ZENGAGE takes pleasure in assisting in the development of young entrepreneurs all around the world, and here is a sample of their excellent services.

  1. Let’s hear from the Founder of ZENGAGE , Dilrukshan Fernando about his journey as an entrepreneur and how ZENGAGE was built?

My entrepreneurial path began long before I realized I was an entrepreneur. I suppose it all started when I was 15 and began investing in the stock market with my father and making my first earnings. As a teenager, I was highly fascinated and assured myself that one day I would start my own business. Later, after finishing school, I, like the majority of us, had to work for corporations to get myself stable. I’ve worked for companies like WNS, John Keels Holdings, Central Finance, and Softlogic during my professional career. But my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship never faded. When I first decided to establish my own business, I found it quite tough to take each and every step. There was no adequate instruction or anybody around to advise on what should be done or avoided. I was able to establish my first brand using all of my self-learning from both triumphs and mistakes. That journey taught me that there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs out there that want good, streamlined coaching before venturing into the business sector. That is how ZENGAGE came to be. ZENGAGE, a premium learning platform for entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners, was introduced in 2019. Today, ZENGAGE is a well-known brand that has mentored over 500+ entrepreneurs and companies from seven different countries.

2) Coaching 500+ Entrepreneurs and Startups from 07 countries within 02 years is a great achievement. What is the secret behind your rapid growth?

Instead of a secret, I like to refer to it as a formula. In addition, the formula is ‘Build the right Skills add (+) Hard work and (+) perseverance, the multiply (x) it by right mindset. (Right Skills + Hard work + Perseverance) x Right Mindset This is the method I’ve been using throughout my journey as an entrepreneur. There is no quick fix for success. If you fail in any of the formula’s aspects, you will fail miserably. I learned this from my own experience and taught it to my team, who is currently putting it into practice.

The road to mentoring 500+ entrepreneurs from seven countries was not easy. We had our ups and downs, especially when the pandemic hit us hard, just like any other business. But, as a team, we learned a lot from those trying circumstances. We explored and redesigned our business via the use of technology. We knew that what worked yesterday would no longer be relevant today. As a result, we continued to develop new tactics and add new goods to our offers.

One of the major tactics for our success has been to continually try to understand our customers’ pain points and create solutions that would meet their needs. That is how ZENGAGE has reached its milestone and is progressing from where it is today.

3) What was your inspiration to start ZENGAGE?

My personal entrepreneurial path served as my motivation. Entrepreneurship is a lonely enterprise. Entrepreneurship has been elevated to the level of mafia on social media, in my opinion. It has been romanticized far beyond the levels, and many, particularly young ones, believe that ‘being your own boss’ is a fashionable fad. My own entrepreneurial journey acted as a source of inspiration for me. Entrepreneurship is a solitary endeavor. In my perspective, entrepreneurship has been raised to the level of mafia on social media. It has been idealized far beyond its levels, and many people, especially young people, feel that “becoming your own boss” is a passing trend.

There are several potential entrepreneurs out there with the finest ideas, strategies, and execution plans. However, they wind up becoming what I refer to as WANTrepreneurs. Always WANT to start a business but wind up being simply daydreamers owing to a lack of entrepreneurial expertise I’ve gotten hundreds of messages on how to establish a business from such skilled people via my Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.

These inquiries inspired me to create an exclusive platform for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Business Owners to coach, advise, and teach them through Entrepreneurship Masterclasses, or just schedule a 40-minute consultation session to receive answers to all of their pressing concerns. That is how ZENGAGE was founded with the goal of providing expert assistance to entrepreneurs.

4)How has your business changed from when you first started?

Since its beginnings, ZENGAGE has witnessed a complete paradigm change. When I go back to when we first started, everything has changed dramatically, from our product offerings, deliverables, customer portfolio, delivery methods, and enhanced service standards. I feel that adapting to change is also the cause for our success. Digitalization and automation are two of the major advances we implemented in our firm. It extended our horizons by allowing us to provide all of our services 100% virtually to a larger customer base with improved service delivery.

5)Tell us about the challenges you have faced as an Entrepreneur and how Dilrukshan feels now about his success?

That is an excellent question. I am a firm believer that challenges and success go hand in hand. To experience the true taste of achievement, one must first fail. On the same note, as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned a lot from my failures. When we first proposed the notion of ZENGAGE, it was met with skepticism. People believed they knew more about their industry than anybody else. Gradually, things began to shift, and business owners recognized that there were black holes in their operations that they were unaware of. Then they began to contact us for expert advice on scaling up.

Then there was the second issue from copycats who sought to replicate our business strategy. Fortunately, as a team, we were able to turn it around as a motivator. It made us understand that we must be doing something right for kids to want to imitate us. It also inspired us to keep inventing and coming up with fresh ideas. Today, I seldom ever see those folks in the sector.

The list of obstacles we’ve encountered as a company goes on and on, including a pandemic. It has given me the confidence to take risks, expect the unexpected, overcome obstacles, and manage a thriving business today. I’d want to thank my family and team for being there for me and encouraging me to achieve this accomplishment.

6)What is your advice for budding Entrepreneurs and Startups?

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to do what others will not. Be one-of-a-kind in what you wish to do. Don’t go into the business world just because your friends or family are wealthy, or because an influencer posts a photo of themselves on Instagram with a luxury German automobile they drive. Before you start your business, ask yourself these three questions. One – Why do I want to start a business? Two – Is my business idea profitable and salable?

Three – Will I be able to double my revenue within 18 months of being in business? If you have any worries, take a step back and create a scalable business model that can function without you after six months or one year of operation. There is no turning back once you start your own business. If you ever want to give up, go back and discover the solution to question one.

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick plan or an overnight game. You must step outside of your comfort zone and continue to innovate on a regular basis.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone; it will cost you to reveal the best in yourself. No one can stop you from succeeding if you are willing to take on the task with commitment, endurance, and patience. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to the world of entrepreneurship

Dilrukshan Fernando -Chief Executive Officer, ZENGAGE – Startup consultant | 10X Growth Expert

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