Winning CV, a leading global talent acquisition and management consultancy, has set an unparalleled benchmark in the Middle East with over 2,000 successful placements in just 18 months – a record-setting performance for the region.

Founded in 2017 in Sri Lanka, Winning CV embarked on a strategic foray into the UAE in 2021, setting up its subsidiary, ZENGAGE Management Consultancies LLC, in Dubai’s bustling Business Bay. Strengthened by robust partnerships, Winning CV collaborates with 171 premier corporations in the Middle East and teams up with elite Talent Acquisition Specialists. Showcasing its vast and diverse footprint, the company boasts a remarkable client base representing 37 distinct nationalities.

Winning CV distinguishes itself as a comprehensive provider of bespoke solutions in Global Talent Acquisition, Management Consulting, and Executive Search. They specialise in Career Consultation, creating Global CVs and Cover Letters, and enhancing LinkedIn profiles for maximum visibility. Serving roles from executive to directorial echelons, they present an extensive spectrum of permanent, temporary, and fixed-term employment opportunities.

Winning CV Careers, the global talent arm of Winning CV, boasts an exceptional record, closing applications in under five days and maintaining an elite circle of over 2,500 members. Positioned as the premier conduit for international talent needs, their influence spans crucial markets, including the Middle East, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. With innovative strategies and deep recruitment expertise, they consistently offer their clientele timely, cost-effective, and top-notch global talent solutions.

Under the esteemed leadership of Chief Talent Officer Dilrukshan Fernando – a renowned Global Talent Acquisition Strategist and C-Suite Consultant – Winning CV mirrors his unmatched expertise. Dilrukshan has meticulously crafted the career transition for over 2,000 corporate executives, guiding them to coveted positions in the Middle East. Additionally, he has orchestrated more than 250 Global Talent Acquisition Assignments in the Middle East. Celebrated for deftly navigating professionals to successful career pivots, Dilrukshan consults many leading organisations on Global Talent Acquisition. He fervently believes in job-seekers’ importance in defining and articulating their career visions, ensuring that their CVs encapsulates such brilliance. As a trailblazer in global talent strategy, Dilrukshan aligns aspirational talents with international opportunities, ensuring they secure roles that elevate their professional journey.

With his insights, Dilrukshan Fernando remarked, “Our accomplishment of surpassing 2,000 placements in the Middle East within 18 months is a testament to our dedication and excellence. At Winning CV, we’re committed to having our talent acquisition specialists vigilantly examine global employment trends. We ensure we always present the finest matches from our curated talent pool of over 3,500 corporate professionals, each proficient in various professions and disciplines. We’re proud to steward the fifth-largest talent pool in the Middle East globally.”

Dilrukshan elaborated, “In global talent acquisition, it’s crucial to enlighten every Sri Lankan about the right strategies for success. Due to a lack of awareness in this domain, numerous fraudulent activities emerge, frequently making headlines. However, securing employment in the Middle East can be uncomplicated for those with the right guidance and who adhere to legitimate processes.”

Peering into the future, Dilrukshan shared, “Winning CV has ambitious plans to expand our talent acquisition partnerships across the Middle East. We’ve already embarked on a project focusing on remote work opportunities for regions including Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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