Did you know that if you are stuck in any area of life it is probably because your ‘Mindset Programming’ is not supporting your success? ‘UNLEASHED – Program your mind for success’ conducted by Success Coach & Certified Life Transformation Coach and Founder of LienKay Coaching Lien Keerthisinghe will address this fundamental issue in your mindset, and so much more, during the 2-day coaching program with a difference that helps participants to overcome their fears and achieve what they think is impossible. UNLEASHED will be held on 19th and 20th October 2022 from 8.30am to 5.30pm at the Hilton Residences.

According to world-renowned coach, strategist and best-selling author Tony Robbins, success is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. That means programming your mind for success is very important to achieve all the dreams and goals in life. Why most people fail in life is not because they don’t have the right knowledge, tools and strategies, but because they don’t have the right mindset and psychology. Learning to program your mindset can help you create powerful realizations, discover breakthroughs, create clarity and align your thoughts and emotions, words and actions to unstuck yourself and achieve success in any area of life may it be career, business or personal.

UNLEASHED takes participants through life and career defining areas that includes personal success definition; clarity of goals in money, career, relationships and health; ultimate self discovery; driving forces of success; mastering your inner world and outer world; reprograming your inner DNA; creating your mastermind of success and overcoming fear and take action. This unique program is carefully crafted to help anyone to emerge victorious in the challenging social and economic situation prevalent in the country today and unleash their hidden potential by programming their mind for success. In such an environment, organizations need to change their approach and UNLEASHED will be able to help their employees build resilience and respond to challenges differently. The specialty of UNLEASHED coaching is that participating professionals can use these learnings to groom their teams so that there is much higher ROI compared to standard training programs. The program is ideal for Directors, CEOs, C-level employees, Senior Manager and other corporate leaders to create the type of mindset that will empower and enable them to power through the challenges in the external environment and achieve success for their organizations and personal lives.

LienKay Coaching offers a variety of services for organizations from 1-2 day programs, short-term and long-term personalized coaching, coaching retreats, and personality assessments. LienKay Coaching is on a mission to empower business owners and professionals to achieve success in every area of life by developing the right mindset and tools. The company’s diverse clientele spreads across the UK, South Africa, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Kenya and Sri Lanka. For registrations and more information about ‘UNLEASHED – Program your mind for success’, call 0777 004 001

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