T&A Fitness Inter-School Dance Competition 2022, a DanceSport competition organised by T&A Fitness, was successfully concluded at the Royal MAS Arena with the enthusiastic participation of a large number of dancers of varying ages from some of the leading dance schools in the country.

As the first-ever DanceSport competition organised by T&A Fitness, the event drew wide praise from all participants and the audience for its professional approach, transparent scoring and meticulous organising. It also provided a much-needed opportunity for up and coming dancers to showcase their talents in the field of DanceSport, which has gained in popularity across the world in recent times. The duo behind the organizing of the event were Tarja De Silva – Co-Founder of T&A Fitness and her dance partner Bharatha De Silva, who conducts Latin dance classes at T&A Fitness.

Located at No.24, Flower Road, Colombo 03, T&A Fitness is an online fitness provider that coaches clients to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own home. It provides a wide array of on demand and live classes that allow clients to follow them at their convenience. The Co-Founders of T&A Fitness are dynamic husband-and-wife duo Tarja De Silva and Alberto Ruiz. Tarja is a multi-talented designer, dancer, fitness instructor, and social media influencer while Spanish national Alberto is an internationally-certified personal trainer. Having honed their skills in a reputed fitness centre in Colombo, the duo eventually made a lifelong dream come true by opening T&A Fitness back in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in the entire country undergoing several lockdowns where people were stuck at home with little to do convinced T&A Fitness that online fitness classes is the way forward as it provided their clients with the chance to have fun while also staying fit in the process. With Tarja spearheading the dance classes and Alberto handling the fitness classes, the duo found the perfect balance and gradually built up a close-knit community of dance and fitness clientele.

Commenting on the success of the dance competition, Tarja De Silva stated, “Given the current situation there was a lot of uncertainty in the country in the months leading up to the event. The young dancers have been eagerly waiting for a competition to showcase their talents and gain experience. We badly wanted to keep the spirits of the dancers alive and so we thought of organising the competition in a small way as a purely non-profit event. As the word got out a large number of the dance schools showed their interest in participating and we were able to put together a very successful event with over 50 dancers in total. I am thankful to everyone, especially my dance partner Bharatha, who played a key role in making the event a resounding success.”

Looking ahead, T&A Fitness intends to grow the fitness and dance community under the guidance of Tarja and Alberto, all the while keeping in mind to never lose the sense of family and community within the group. “We know everyone individually and there is a special atmosphere of community where our clientele can come any time and take part in dance or fitness classes or even chill for a few hours if they feel like it,” added Tarja. They plan to organise more competitions in the future with the aim of grooming the dancers to become professionals of international standard.

The results of T&A Fitness Inter-School Dance Competition 2022 can be accessed via https://results.dancewear.lk/. T&A Fitness can be contacted via 0778214388 and info@vamoscolombo.com

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