The University of Moratuwa Rotaract Club is nourished by the dynamism of one of Sri Lanka’s top technological universities. Throughout 25 years of unmatched excellence, the Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa has won numerous international awards and accolades. For a Rotaract year, we undertake almost 200 projects with the ultimate objective of personal advancement and adaptation of millennial capabilities for the improvement of the entire community. Rotaract Mora’s objective is to help our species and all living things by exploring new territory, opening up new opportunities, and grooming future leaders.

The International Services Avenue of Rotaract Mora is hosting SLRMUN on a grand scale for the second consecutive year. We as Rotaract Mora are eager to give a next-level MUN experience with all the excitements, discussions, current concerns, and practical solutions through creative processes through the five Committees; UNSC, UNICEF, UNHRC, SOCHUM, and IPC as the first ever University-based MUN club. SLRMUN isn’t simply another MUN for having a domineering style conference; it’s a fantastic forum for exploring many successful debates.

Our ultimate objective as SLRMUN is to produce a productive conference that is rich in information, skillful solutions, and glory and grandeur. The SLRMUN’s key specialty is the implementation process for creative solutions, which will be offered on behalf of the current situation, which is affecting everyone. We are excited to move on with another flagship projects of our Rotaract club, where all of these unique ideas for a grander destination will be implemented.

Ready to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime MUN filled with thrills?

It is with great pleasure that we announce that this year’s SLRMUN will be a Semi-Virtual Conference, with anybody able to participate in both physical and virtual modes. Participants from both the local and international communities are invited.

Date: 26th and 27th March
Time: 8 a.m. onwards
Venue: @University of Moratuwa

As participants in this great platform (undergraduates, school pupils, employees, international delegates), your involvement with us will determine our complete success.

“In your beliefs, be realistic as well as kind. Keep your gaze fixed on the stars, but your feet firmly planted on the earth.”

Be quick to register so you don’t have to wait.

For further informationWebsite:h ttps://

Contact us: Co-Chairperson
Pasan Sanjula
+94 71 110 0035

Pesala Welangalla
+94 71 206 9370

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