Sierra Cables PLC hosted a free webinar, conducted by Dr. Asanka S. Rodrigo – former Director General Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority – on the key factors driving cable selection and application in varying projects.  The Visionary of this project, Mr. Harsha Jayatunga, CEO of Sierra Cables, pointed out that this was part of the CSR initiative of the company to educate industry stakeholders including Engineers, Electricians, MEP Contractors, Solar Contractors, and Engineering Graduates.

The webinar highlighted the key factors behind the successful operation of a cable system, namely the selection of the most suitable cable for the operation, making a correct installation, and performing the required maintenance.  The knowledge areas necessary for the correct selection and satisfactory operation of a cable system, including cable characteristics and ratings, service condition, type of load served, mode of operation and maintenance, were covered. Also discussed were the key factors driving cable selection such as cable construction, cable installation, cable operation (voltage and current), cable size and shielding requirement. This knowledge helps the contractors to apply the most cost effective solution in their jobs.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and the webinar was described as an important learning experience for them. The company plans to hold similar events for the benefit of the MEP Contracting community in the future. The webinar has been uploaded to Youtube in order to provide a valuable resource to students and undergraduates as a free educational tool.

Please click on the link to find the webinar upload –

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