Sri Lanka’s premier full-service artist management and music publishing company, Serandip Records combines the best of local expertise and international experience to deliver the best solutions to their clients. They are responsible for some of the best-known musicians in the country, including Costa, MasterD, Ravi Jay, Yuki Navaratne, Pushpe, Izzy Iznu, and many others. Having successfully developed the careers of many artists in different musical genres, they are now in the process of adding new clients who wish to reach new heights in their musical journey.

Serandip Records offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the requirements of their clients. These include daily administration, digital marketing, public relations, radio promotion, and distribution. Professional mixing and video production services are also available for artists who want to further develop their songs. Leveraging on their contacts with major labels and PR companies, Serandip Records can offer their clients the opportunity to get on bigger playlists and win brand deals.

The team at Serandip Records boasts both talent and experience, with the founders, Prathap Costa and Sandun Nissanka, combining musical ability with business savvy. Costa is a well-known rap artist in Sri Lanka who has made a name for himself in the hip-hop/rap artist community both in Sinhala and English. A highly creative producer and vocalist, he has garnered the attention of music lovers locally and internationally thanks to his hard-hitting beats and vocal melodies. Sandun Nissanka is a successful entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. With a professional background in business development and management, Sadun serves as President of AFQ Corporations, Vice President of LAVSH Consulting Co, and CEO of AFQ Records.

They are joined by an eclectic team of individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and possess different skill sets. Many are internationally recognized producers of music with proven track records. Others are savvy marketers, public relations specialists, and financial experts. All share one thing in common – a love for music. For those who want to get their music onto the local and international stage, Serandip Records offers a unique platform and an amazing opportunity.

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