SANASA General Insurance Company (SGIC), the General Insurance arm of leading Life Insurance company SANASA Life Insurance, has launched “Prathishakthi”, a unique insurance solution that is tailor-made for any individual whose income is at risk as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or any other epidemic that may take place in the future.

“Prathishakthi” is a timely insurance scheme that has been introduced to support policyholders of any income level and thereby his/her family as well by providing a daily income if the policyholder suffers from loss of earnings due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other epidemic. Accordingly, the policyholder can obtain this daily income in the event of loss of income to him/her caused by the individual’s neighbourhood being locked down or even if the individual’s family is being ordered to self quarantine due to a family member contracting the disease. The policy provides convenient, multiple options for the annual premium and offers a maximum coverage period of 365 days (1 year) from the commencement date where the policyholder can choose a daily sum up to a 1 month period or a ration pack to be delivered home as settlement. One of the unique attributes of the Prathishakthi policy is that it can be gifted to a deserving party by means of a voucher paving the way for Sri Lankans to help those in need of such financial assistance.

Expressing his views, SANASA General Insurance Company Chief Executive Officer Wasantha Perera stated, “The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly highlighted how vulnerable millions of Sri Lankans are when it comes to their income, irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. Over the past year, a large number of individuals have been left with no income due to the initial lockdown and the drastic downturn in business even after the country opened up. After the reopening, some areas were periodically closed off to curb the spread of the virus while certain households were told to self quarantine for days when a person in the household contracted the virus. As a company that is in touch with the needs of the general population, SANASA General Insurance Company has launched this new product ‘Prathishakthi’ which we’re confident will serve the needs of all segments of society, be it a full-time employee, a business owner or a daily wage earner. Now, by paying a basic annual premium, the policyholder can be assured of a steady income or have a ration pack delivered home if they’re affected by any pandemic giving them peace of mind during uncertain times.”

SANASA General Insurance Company Limited (SGIC) was launched on 1st July 2019 as a subsidiary company of SANASA Life Insurance, widely-known as a people-oriented insurance company in the field of insurance in Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years. SGIC’s expertise is mainly based on micro and agriculture insurance which are timely requirements of an emerging market in Sri Lanka. Today, SANASA is one of the leading insurance service providers in Sri Lanka providing thousands of job opportunities to the younger generation.

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