Top Sri Lankan female fitness personality, social media influencer, and renowned Coach Sarani Tillekeratne ( is revolutionizing fitness wear in Sri Lanka with the official launch of athleisure brand SAMPAYO in partnership with ADETEX-ID Ltd. All SAMPAYO clothes are manufactured with RFID technology in the form of RFID Threads. Developed by ADETEX-ID Ltd, the company founded by globally acclaimed Sri Lankan scientist Dr. Anura Rathnayake, it is the first time such cutting-edge technology has been introduced to the Sri Lankan market.

SAMPAYO is ideally suited for any active individual including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, casual athletes, or fashion-conscious individuals. The concept behind SAMPAYO is ‘Athletes at leisure’ and the brand celebrates those who workout, idealizes a healthy lifestyle, and applauds those who try. While every fabric used in all SAMPAYO designs is usually used for active wear, the brand has creatively incorporated those fabrics to manufacture leisure wear. RFiD Threads is the industry’s first RFID tag in the form of a thread designed to survive the entire product lifecycle, thereby opening a new era of possibility for digitally connected fashion. One of the first intrinsically incorporated digital identification systems, the RFiD Threads connects products to the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected products enable the implementation of a true omnichannel strategy, streamlining production, supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, retail inventory management, customer experience, transparency, data collection, next-life and re-sale, product authenticity, recycling, and more.

SAMPAYO Founder Sarani Tillekeratne is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified Transformation, Nutrition and Bodybuilding Specialist. She also possesses the fitness trainer and group class trainer certification issued by the Sri Lanka Foundation and Sri Lanka Sports Ministry. Sharing her views, Sarani stated, “Health and fitness are increasingly taking precedence in the lives of people in Colombo and its suburbs. However, it is essential that we educate and empower Sri Lankans throughout the island to live healthy lives sustainably and affordably. Through SAMPAYO, we aim to raise environmental awareness about the importance of using recyclable garments as we progress towards leading a healthier lifestyle.”

ADETEX-ID Founder and Chairman Dr. Anura Rathnayake is a pioneering Sri Lankan scientist who has achieved global acclaim. In 2017, he won 3rd place at the ‘Global Change Award’ organized annually by the H&M Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden with his revolutionary innovation ‘Content Thread’, which facilitates the sorting and recycling of clothes using a digital filament. His unparalleled creativity and innovation ensured that he won against approximately 3,000 revolutionary technological concepts presented by 130. He commented, “We produce 150 billion articles every year, and more than 90% of textiles end up in a landfill. Ideally, each and every garment should have this digital threat and connect with the world. We are all getting better at recycling but to be able to recycle every garment properly we need to know what they contain. By adding a digital tag into the garment in the shape of a regular thread it can give us the details we need to give the garment a new life. The thread lasts the entire lifetime of the garment and will make sorting and recycling easy, saving us precious natural resources.”

SAMPAYO athleisure wear can be found at For more information, visit their socials

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