Organising an event of any magnitude in Sri Lanka is set to be transformed with the official launch of RSVP & Co recently. RSVP & Co is Sri Lanka’s first-ever pre-event agency that is fully-equipped to take care of every minute detail leading up to any event that a client may require, thereby ensuring the success of the event.

With the country gradually opening up after the pandemic, there is an increase in the number of corporate and personal events taking place. However, with limited funds available for clients, the need to ensure highest participation in an event in order to maximise the return on investment is greater than ever before. Additionally, with limited staff working at organisations due to varying work arrangements, following up and ensuring high levels of participation at events has become increasingly challenging. This is where the expertise of RSVP & Co is able to make a big difference.

RSVP & Co was created to handle every aspect of pre-event activities for corporate events, VIP ceremonies, media conferences, exhibitions, fundraisers, fashion shows, birthday parties, weddings and concerts. Its gamut of services includes ensuring invitee event confirmations via telephone, email, SMS or WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger; invitation designing, printing and delivery; eInvitation designing and emailing; live guest handling on the day of the event with up to 10,000 crowd handling capacity; VIP Reservation handling and more. The agency offers these services in both English and Sinhala languages while Tamil language is set to be added in the future.

Sharing her thoughts on the concept behind RSVP & Co, Founder Nevindee Amarasinghe stated, “I have been organizing events for both corporates and individuals for many years and one issue I’ve always had is the difficulty of ensuring that all the pre-event activities go smoothly so that there is maximum turnout on the day of the event. After searching high and low for such services in Sri Lanka, I came to realize that there is no service of that sort in the country. Naturally, this made me understand that there is a great opportunity to create a niche market for RSVP services. Since I have ample experience in customer care, call centre assistance and event management, I was able to easily lay the groundwork and launch RSVP & Co.”  

Delving into her extensive experience in customer care and call centre operations, Nevindee has been able to put together a dynamic team of young individuals who have been well-trained in the art of customer care and therefore are well-versed in planning meticulously, following up efficiently and communicating professionally with all invitees of an event in order to deliver the best possible results for the client. RSVP’s team of professionals is able to ensure that any client’s events are a complete success in terms of the pre-event arrangements and the number of participants. Invitees are given all the necessary information about the event as and when they require so that they can easily decide on their attendance and can fit the event into their busy schedules.

Further information on RSVP & Co can be obtained by calling 0777799511 or emailing

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