The Red Cloud Summit, which was organised by OREL IT, took place from the 3rd to the 5th of November in conjunction with INFOTEL 2023. The Red Cloud Summit showcased OREL IT’s commitment to innovation, empowerment, and cybersecurity, all of which are essential for Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey. The company’s key announcements and insightful panel discussions solidified its position as a leader in the cloud computing industry and a driving force in Sri Lanka’s digital transformation efforts.

The company made several key announcements at the event. The appointment as Global Service Partner for Huawei, making OREL IT the world’s only non-Chinese Global Distributor. Launch of EDUCERT, a new initiative dedicated to protecting Sri Lankan youth from cybercrimes. OREL IT is steadfast in its commitment to empowering the next generation. In this spirit, they have taken the initiative upon the request of FITIS to spearhead the EDUCERT Contact Center, extending their unwavering support to ensure the organization’s continued success along with Hayleys Fentons, Dialog Enterprise, and SLT Mobitel under the coordination of the Sri Lanka CERT. Thereafter was the launch of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Sri Lanka Chapter. OREL IT played a pivotal role in launching this chapter, demonstrating their dedication to advancing cybersecurity in Sri Lanka. Finally, the announcement of a partnership with the State Trading Corporation (STC) to open new horizons for the government sector in Sri Lanka. Through this partnership, government agencies can modernize their operations, streamline processes, and deliver services with enhanced agility and scalability. By leveraging the secure and reliable infrastructure of OREL Cloud, the government sector can realize cost savings, improved data management, and increased accessibility.

Apart from these announcements, the Red Cloud Summit featured several panel discussions and presentations that provided valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the cloud computing industry. Some of the sessions included:Cloud Revolution: Transforming the world as we know it: This panel discussion explored the transformative impact of cloud computing on businesses and society, with insights from industry experts Jeevan Gnanam, Indika de Zoysa, Tharindu Meepegama, and Johan Frisk. A Thales Approach to Expedited Digital Transformation with Data Protection at the Core: Prasun Srivastava from Thales Group presented how Thales’ approach to digital transformation can help businesses accelerate their transformation journey while prioritizing data protection. Regulators as the enablers in Sri Lanka’s cloud journey: This panel discussion delved into the crucial role of regulators in enabling Sri Lanka’s cloud journey. The panelists consisted of Mahesh Perera, Shanaka de Silva, Farzad Farokhmanesh, and M B M Sarjoon. It was moderated by Tharindu Meepegama. The panellists shared their perspectives on regulatory frameworks and their impact on cloud adoption. Panel with MobilityGuard: Farzad Farokhmanesh and Johan Frisk from MobilityGuard, Sweden spoke on their expertise in the sphere of digital identity cards. Panel Discussion with Malinda Alahakoon on conscious engagement for a positive experience: This panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Sasadara Adikari, emphasized the importance of conscious engagement in creating a positive experience for all stakeholders.

OREL IT has been making big waves across the globe in the spheres of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Data Science, Immersive Technology, and Cloud Computing. Earlier this year, they opened their Global Innovation Centre in Colombo and the Global TechQuarters in Dubai, towards their commitment towards global digital transformation and innovation.

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