Queen Margaret University (QMU) and Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) announced the grand launch of a groundbreaking partnership between the two institutions, aimed at providing world class education to our Sri Lankan students in pursuing their Degree and Master’s qualifications in multiple trending disciplines, right here in Sri Lanka. The grand launch ceremony took place at the “Balmoral Hall”, Kingsbury Hotel on the 19th of July 2023, with an esteemed gathering of high-level delegates, corporate leaders, education officials, heads of schools, teachers, members from academia and a large gathering of respected invitees. Her Excellency Lisa Whanstall, Acting British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, graced the event as the Chief Guest, accompanied by Mr. Orlando Edwards, Country Director of the British Council in Sri Lanka, as the Guest of Honour.

The strategic alliance between QMU and ICBS brings together two prestigious institutions renowned for their commitment to academic excellence and innovation in their respective fields. This collaboration aims to leverage the unique strengths and resources of both institutions to create a transformative educational experience for the students and generate impactful business leaders.

By combining QMU’s expertise in transnational education with specialised programmes in Business and Management studies, along with related research, with ICBS’s renowned expertise as a robust business school in Sri Lanka, offering innovative syllabus mapping and practical teaching with a focus on career-driven outcomes, students will receive an enriched and interdisciplinary approach to high-quality, practical education.

Through the QMU and ICBS partnership, students will benefit from access to a diverse range of prestigious degrees. Undergraduate students can pursue BSc (Hons) Business Management, Specialised degrees in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, and International Business Management. Postgraduate students can select from MBA General, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Business Analytics, and MSc Strategic Marketing. These degrees cover multiple trending disciplines and provide students with high-quality education, cutting-edge learning facilities, and industry connections, providing them with a comprehensive skill set and a competitive edge in the job market.

Dr. Theresa Cronin, Director of International, School of Arts, Social Sciences and Management of Queen Margaret University, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to combine our strengths and explore new frontiers in employable management education. Together with ICBS, we aim to create a nurturing environment to our Sri Lankan students, that fosters creativity, innovation, critical thinking, effective leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset alongside our programmes.  By working together, we can make a significant and lasting contribution to society.”

Mr. Pravinth Rajaratnam, Academic Director of Imperial College of Business Studies, echoed these sentiments, saying, ” The partnership with Queen Margaret University aligns perfectly with our vision of delivering world-class education aimed at making our graduates globally employable, and who will be trained to make a positive difference in any industry they engage with throughout their careers. We believe that the collaboration between our institutions will open up exciting learning opportunities and multiple possibilities in diverse industries to our students. By joining forces, we can tackle pressing global challenges and create innovative solutions for a better future.”

The partnership between Queen Margaret University and Imperial College of Business Studies marks the beginning of a dynamic era of collaboration and mutual growth. Both institutions are committed to nurturing talent, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and driving positive change in society. Together, they will embark on a journey of innovation, knowledge exchange, and transformative learning experiences that will shape the future of education for our Sri Lankan student community.

Imperial College, with its strong panel of lecturers comprising multidisciplinary high-level academics, industry leaders, and experts, aims to commence the intake of these programs at their campuses in Colombo and Kandy in September 2023. Students after Advanced Level Exam, or any other Diploma or equivalent level qualifications in either professional or academic disciplines in the fields of management, marketing, HR, accounting, banking & finance can seek enrolment for the BSc (Hons) Special degrees. The programmes are well designed to cater to the demands of working professionals, allowing students to engage in employment while studying.

Postgraduate and Masters programmes in varied disciplines will attract the interest of Executives and Managers who aspire a faster growth in their respective professions or careers, and with a suitable academic background in their respective disciplines, they are eligible to apply for the MBA or MSc programmes with Specialisation.

Imperial College and QMU aim to offer initial merit-based and selective scholarship schemes for the aforementioned programmes. Interested students can visit the official website www.icbsgroup.com or contact them at 0773 918777 / 0114 515 253 for the Colombo Campus, or 0814 950 950 for the Kandy Campus for further details.

Imperial College, together with QMU, invites prospective students and candidates to join their programmes and experience the learning journey of a lifetime, aiming towards vibrant career opportunities both locally and globally!

Imperial College of Business Studies – DREAM, BELIEVE AND TRANSFORM!

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