Partheepan Jesuthasan a prominent entrepreneur hailing from Batticaloa Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, has emerged as a driving force behind the transformation of the country’s tech industry. With a remarkable educational background and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Partheepan has made remarkable strides in elevating the technological landscape of Sri Lanka.

Born and raised in the Batticaloa of Sri Lanka, Partheepan embarked on a remarkable journey of
success, fueled by their passion for technology. Armed with determination and a thirst for knowledge,
Partheepan, pursued their education relentlessly. They earned a bachelors degree in marketing from
Eastern University, where they honed their skills and gained a deep understanding of the industry.
Fueled by the ambition to make a difference, Partheepan ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.
They founded Elephant Crew Pvt Ltd a trailblazing Mar Tech company (Marketing Technology) that has gained recognition for its innovative solutions and exceptional client service.

Through their tireless efforts and visionary leadership, Partheepan has spearheaded a revolution in the Sri Lanka tech industry. Elephant Crew had the privilege of working with an impressive roster of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local startups. By providing cutting-edge Marketing technological solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, Partheepan has established long-lasting partnerships based on trust and mutual growth. Their commitment to delivering exceptional quality has resulted in consistently exceeding client expectations.

The impact of Partheepan’s contributions to the Sri Lanka tech industry is far-reaching. Not only have
their innovative solutions transformed the way businesses operate, but they have also had a profound
effect on various stakeholders. Through job creation, Partheepan has provided employment
opportunities for talented individuals, helping to uplift communities and empower the local workforce.
Moreover, the impact extends beyond individual companies and employees. Partheepan’s technological
advancements have bolstered the overall economy of Sri Lanka by attracting foreign investments and
driving economic growth. By positioning Sri Lanka as a hub for innovation and technological excellence,
Partheepan has elevated the country’s reputation on the global stage.

Partheepan continues to inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those hailing from rural
areas, to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Their remarkable journey stands as a testament to the
potential that lies within every individual, regardless of their background or upbringing.
As Partheepan forges ahead, the Sri Lanka tech industry can expect further advancements, game changing innovations, and transformative growth. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering
commitment to making a difference ensure that Partheepan will remain at the forefront of
revolutionizing the tech landscape in Sri Lanka and beyond.

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