Orel Food, a subsidiary of Orel Corporation, recently ventured into the fast-growing ready-to-eat meals sector kicking off with three masterfully created curries sure to tantalize the taste buds. Orel Food Director Ruwani Madushani said, “Indigenous and traditional food of Sri Lanka has an ancient and unique history which has been preserved and kept intact for well over a few thousand years. Sri Lankan food culture is closely intertwined with the nutritional, health-related and therapeutic aspects of its ingredients as well as the methods of preparation. This is the main reason as to why Orel embarked on creating traditional ready-to-eat curries which are manufactured under high quality and certified standards”. Cooked to perfection, the curries on offer include Tender Jackfruit Curry (Kos Curry), Kos Ata (Jackfruit seed) Curry & Ambarella Curry.

Orel Food selected Grape Expectations as their Exclusive Distribution Partner for their ready meals business. “Orel Food selected Grape Expectations as our Exclusive Distribution Partner for our ready-to-eat curry range because of their island-wide distribution capabilities and strong relationships with all major supermarkets and stockists across the modern trade, HORECA (Hospitality Industry) and general trade sectors. They are a tried and tested enterprise in this field with a strong track record of being able to successfully deliver and position new brands,” stated Ananda Pathirage – Director of Orel Food. 

Grape Expectations (a member of the Favourite Group) has been in the import and distribution business for over a decade. The Grape Expectations mantra of being tenacious in approach and agile in delivery has enabled it to build a strong portfolio of successful brands originating both from home and overseas. With its state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehousing facilities, GPS-enabled fleet and knowledge-driven product positioning, Grape Expectations continue to be the chosen partner for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs looking to grow their brands.

Their portfolio includes renowned global brands like Bickfords Tonics, May Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drinks, MTR Indian Food, Riso Scotti vegetal drinks and Rugani Juices, while some of their local brands include SOZO beverages, Soul Ice Coffee and Orel Food. 

Commenting on the recent partnership with Orel Food, Director FMCG at Grape Expectations Dilip Bhambhwani said, “We are really excited to partner with Orel Food. We feel there is a demand for ready-to-eat Sri Lankan curries which are expertly made by star chefs at a state-of-the-art factory in Sri Lanka. The 3 ready-to-eat curries which Orel has started with are popular curries and have quickly become an instant hit.”

Orel’s ready-to-eat food range is available to purchase at all leading supermarkets and specialty and digital stores such as Park Street Gourmet and Zipsip.lk. 

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