Oceanpick, Sri Lanka’s pioneering oceanic fish farm, has enhanced its partnership with Pacific West Foods initiating retail trade, in Australia. Having served Australia’s Food Service sector since the beginning of the partnership in 2020, Pacific West Foods is now offering Oceanpick’s products in the Retail Segment providing consumers with the chance to enjoy Oceanpick’s world-class Barramundi in their homes.

Having its origins deeply rooted in Australia, Barramundi fish is synonymous with the country. Before the partnership, Oceanpick’s Barramundi underwent a rigorous selection process that included taste, texture, and appearance as it went up against several other competing Barramundi from other regions of the world. Ultimately, Oceanpick Barramundi was selected as a cut above the rest and laucnhed in one of Australia’s largest retail chains… This achievement of the brand extension into a highly-competitive overseas market was a ground-breaking one at the time, made even more significant as Sri Lanka was never previously recognized as a source for such high quality barramundi.

Oceanpick’s Barramundi has, since its advent,  become a sustainable, safe seafood variety devoid of seasonality and ensuring stable pricing. The company has replicated a similar strategy in the Sri Lankan retail space using its end-to-end retail product. Additionally, amidst Sri Lanka’s economic difficulties, this partnership has helped bring in export revenue in the form of valuable foreign exchange, providing a boost to the country’s economy.

Pacific West Foods is an Australian company that is passionate about everything food and has been supplying the world’s seafood to the country’s food industry since 1995. It aims to bring the finest food from around the globe to Australian consumers’ plates, whether it’s at a restaurant, pub, cafe or in their own home. This strategic partnership between Oceanpick and Pacific West Foods was formed in 2020 and further strengthens Oceanpick’s brand extension to global markets with its world-class Barramundi fish, a culinary delight raised right here in Trincomalee, to the home of barramundi – Australia.

Expressing his opinion on the company’s latest milestone, Oceanpick Founder Irfan Thassim stated, “We are proud and excited to build on our partnership with Pacific West Foods by entering the retail market. While taking Oceanpick’s journey to a whole new level and driving revenue growth, it will also help to enhance Sri Lanka’s position on the world map as a producer of world-class barramundi that is second to none. This is a long-term partnership that we strongly believe will further strengthen our brand positioning in Australia as a  best in class oceanic Barramundi and has set the stage for us to expand into other markets.”

In 2012, Oceanpick commenced its journey in the pristine seas of Trincomalee intending to meet the food requirements of the growing world population. The primary focus was the creation of a sustainable culinary delight whilst halting wild fishery destruction. The abundance of tidal currents and the absence of industrial activity in and around the waters of Trincomalee meant it would be home to one of the finest barramundi produced in the world. Oceanpick’s BAP Star-rated Barramundi, with its distinct oceanic flavour, has made its mark in markets around the world and continues to make great strides across the continents.

Backed by its heritage and driven forward by innovation, Pacific West Foods constantly seeks to deliver a diverse range of quality products, from food service to retail brands, and private label supply. Its robust international partnerships enable it to present the finest variety of seafood available globally to Australia.

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