As one of the leading universities in Sri Lanka for engineering studies, the University of Moratuwa holds a tremendous passion for mathematics. Moramaths – The Mathematics Society of the University of Moratuwa – officially stands for that passion with the ultimate objective of enhancing the mathematical talent of its undergraduates. 

Moramaths has come along a remarkable journey over the years, sharpening the math skills of passionate youngsters and young professionals. M-Tutor, M-Talks, M-Pirates, and M-Count are a few recent initiatives organized to showcase the hidden math enthusiasts inside our inspirational undergraduates and to spread the knowledge of mathematics.

Moramaths has decided to launch the electrifying Mathlete 2022, the largest project of the year for the successful second installment after a brain-storming virtual event in 2020 with the participation of over 50 enthusiastic math lovers, to quench their thirst for exploring new yards in the field of mathematics. 

Recognizing the need to empower the individuals who represent Sri Lanka at international mathematics competitions, Moramaths initiated “Mathlete 2022” as a stepping-stone for those talented undergraduates. To help equip the brilliant math minds with the necessary mathematical skills, the project would span over two days of entertaining and challenging events. The event will consist of team activities to unlock the hidden potential of these like-minded undergraduates. Subject experts will grace the occasion, sharing a blend of knowledge through workshops. Mock tests and team quizzes will be there to strengthen the foundation of knowledge gained through the event. Mathlete 2022 would be a foundation for a future network of freshly thinking math lovers.

Mathlete 2022 aims to expand our horizons to reach greater heights than ever before. For that we have GOOD PR, a pioneering digital PR agency, standing with us. The project will be open to all the pre-registered undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa and will be on stage on the  6th & 7th August 2022.

Have you been waiting for an unparalleled experience with MoraMaths? No doubt! Join hands with us! This is the biggest opportunity to get in touch with mathematics!

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