Loons Lab, a Sri Lankan-based technology company that specializes in software development consultancy, has unveiled VIRTUP, an end-to-end virtual event solution that helps organizations to reliably and securely put together virtual events with a complete, state-of-the-art solution.

VIRTUP provides a platform for Exhibitors, Panellists, and Sponsors to interact with Attendees and also with each other thereby enabling them to deliver a seamless virtual event experience that functions smoothly without having to struggle by trying to mix and match multiple solutions. This means that the organization can present a consistent, fully branded experience, from the event website and registration to the video sessions and the virtual trade shows.

VIRTUP allows attendees to self-schedule meetings with Sponsors and Exhibitors and instantly share their contact information with inbound lead capture. It provides Sponsors the chance to conduct sponsored sessions that provide them a channel to tell their story and get a list of who had attended. It also enables Exhibitors to engage with attendees in virtual booths and offer additional tools like video breakout rooms, live chat and downloadable content. Organisations can conveniently capture and activate the event and attendee data and also easily compare virtual event data with in-person and hybrid events for the full picture of buyer interest. They can quickly capture and calculate their sales leads with contact sharing and powerful engagement scores, built off countless numbers of attendee interactions. The solution also allows them to automatically track how attendees navigate the sessions with attendance tracking and detailed web analytics. They can also collect feedback before, during, and after events with dynamic event and session feedback surveys.

Expressing her opinion, Loons Lab Founder and CEO Pulani Ranasinghe stated, “We are very happy that we came up with this timely & affordable solution. Unlike in physical events, through VIRTUP your event can reach a wider audience irrespective of which part of the world they live in. So far, we have been able to successfully conduct a couple of events with Impressions Events that led to a higher level of success with very positive feedback from a happy audience.”

Loons Lab is a Sri Lanka-based software company that has a specialized team to support digitizing of services to achieve efficiency and convenience. The company has successfully delivered digitization solutions for the Sri Lankan government, NGOs, and private sector clients of varying sizes. Loons Lab’s portfolio comprises state-of-the-art products for Occupational Health and Safety, Fleet Management and Health Sector. Further details can be obtained by visiting loonslab.com or by contacting via info@loonslab.com or (+94)712487141.

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