The things we do and the practices we were taught through life, define who we are. Culture is not about what a group of people dines, what they wear, or which language they speak. It is a broad term that can be thought of as our ‘Way of being’ that embraces our values, beliefs, standards, and behaviors.  There are many different cultures, and each and every one of them is significant. Thus, AIESEC has come up with the initiative ‘Global Village’ to embrace cultural diversity. This year’s ‘Global Village’ will be hosted by the AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

AIESEC is youth-led non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization, focusing on youth leadership development and cross-cultural exchanges spread over 109 countries structured in form of Volunteering Opportunities, Corporate Internships, and Project Initiatives providing a platform for personal development by the youth, for the youth.

Global Village provides a deep-rooted appreciation and celebration of each individual culture. This is accomplished through fostering strong intercultural relationships and partnerships between citizens from around the world. We hope the event will strengthen the cultural significance of Sri Lanka with foreign potential entities and promote diplomacy and tourism.

This platform encourages young leaders of different cultural backgrounds to showcase their multitude of talents and creative gifts on stage. Whilst promoting the principles of harmony and peace, this event will engage foreign exchange participants by appreciating each other’s diverse music, singing, dancing, unique ethnic traditions, food, and cultural costume displays.

‘Global Village 2023’ by AIESEC in Sri Lanka has been endorsed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in assisting Sri Lanka to reach great heights in tourism. The event will take place in Colombo, on the 12th of March 2023, and will be filled with love, kindness, and grace.

Enjoying Participation and Living Diversity are two of our organization’s values, so to replicate that the participation for the event would be diverse and vibrant.

We warmly invite all people from any cultural background of any age, to join us at Global Village 2023 and be a part of this beautiful day, to have sweet memories to carry home.

It is within our differences, that we can find beauty…..

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