“SEEDS” is a Sri Lankan movie inspired by real-life events featuring the war crimes, which took place in Mannar 475 years back during the rule of King Sangiliyan of Jaffna. This untold story was uncovered after being inspired by the Easter Attack and the corrupted outlines behind the horrendous bloodshed.   

The movie is centered on the brutal events that the Catholic and Hindu people faced due to the corrupt political agendas played by the leading rulers of the region. Showcasing how both religions were utilized as a weapon of chaos causing mass amount of deaths and horror to the community marking one of the worst wars in the history of our motherland during the time of Ceylon.

Emerging Media is proud to be the Official Outdoor Digital Media Partner for the Trilingual Thriller film “SEEDS”. The movie trailers are being displayed in all three languages on every Emerging Media’s Wide LED Digital Screens located in prominent areas island-wide. This form of advertising undoubtedly captures the attention of the prospective viewers. This form of advertising has brought about awareness of the movie to the general public of all ages.

Publicity will also be given to the movie through our Social Media Platforms such as; Instagram and Facebook in order to reach a wider audience.

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