A 21-year-old individual, Dishan Devakumara being a star in both academics and non-academics.

Dishan Devakumara, a young gentleman who has already completed a degree specializing in International Business and Finance at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), now reading for his second degree specializing in Business Economics at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has been appointed as one of the local committee president of AIESEC for the year 2022/2023.

Completing his A/Ls at St Anthony’s College, Kandy, he says that they were the best days of his school life, and the friends he made there are the closest people he has been associating with up to date. Being the Secretary of the Antonian Media Unit in 17/18, he has also had the experience of working on a large-scale production, collaborating with some of the leading sports media networks back in the days. He also adds the point that he was the head prefect of the school he got his primary education from.

Having a bunch of good friends, he enjoyed the second year of his college life the most. Assuming that all the cool ones in the university are from AIESEC, Dishan also decided to join the organization initially. Eventually, he met a lot of amazing individuals with a variety of talents and potentials. Being a part of creating a wide impact on all the youths out there while providing a platform to unveil their true potential, Dishan started to love what he was doing.

Even though balancing academics with his work life was a little hard and challenging for him in the beginning, he started to get used to it when time passed by. He found a way to prioritize his daily tasks and activities accordingly, which really helped him to come this long. He also believes that taking a break whenever you need and spending time with your family and friends is where the actual balance begins.
Not just stopping by watching movies and browsing through social media for relaxation in his free time, he is also lately into blogging.

Dishan would love to try out real estate, agriculture, telecommunication and the FMCG industries in the future. The passion he has for everything he does has always been the main reason for his continuous success. He also states that he usually doesn’t get into the things that he has no passion for. The love towards achieving more while creating an impact on the ones around him has been his biggest motivating factor so far.

He wants the younger generation to grab all the opportunities that are in front of them whenever possible, in order to find out their passion and make it their strength, that way they should also be able to create a positive impact on the society they live in. 

Shadhurshini Dushanthan
The University of the West of Scotland 

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