Coming up with a truly great dance performance takes more than just talent and hard work.  The right costume, accessories, and – perhaps most important of all – the right shoes play a crucial role in showcasing the effort and time that has been put in. Fortunately, dancers in Sri Lanka can now conveniently find everything they require at

The online portal of conveniently offers everything a dancer would need to turn in a truly memorable performance. Everyone, beginners to pros, can now conveniently order everything they require via the website or social media channels. With a wide selection of dance shoes, accessories, costumes, and practice wear, caters to all types of dancing styles from social dancing to dancesport.

The only store with a comprehensive range of dancewear in Sri Lanka, features a great selection of ballroom dancing shoes in the latest styles and from all the top brands. The shoes are offered at very attractive prices and cater to all the major dancing styles including Latin American, Ballet, and Ballroom dancing. Dancewear offer highly versatile, ballet shoes that displays elegance with every Piqué Tours. The store showcases the best of ballet outfits making you look poised and graceful.

Dedicated practice wear is available to ensure that dancers don’t get sore feet or bunions when they practice their act. Given how vital shoes are for dancers to turn in their best performance, the extensive collection of shoes at ensures that dancers can literally put their best foot forward. Dancers even have the opportunity to try out their shoes before purchasing by dancing their way around in our showroom located at #52, 1st Floor, Galle Road, Colombo 03 which is a registered limited liability company. also offers a range of accessories including Bunion protectors, fishnets, foot thongs, hairspray, toe protectors, and shoe brushes. The products cater to Men, Women, and children, and include a selection of exercise equipment. was founded by people who are genuinely passionate about the industry. Consequently, they have even sustained losses to ensure that all dancers get the equipment they need. An example is the Flexi shoes for kids below the age of 12 which are sold at a low price to encourage children to take up dancing. The store offers a range of dance shoe brands in different sizes so that customer has the option of choosing their best fit.

All staff members are involved in dancing, ensuring that shoppers are given the right advice and direction to meet their goals. Committed to being the go-to place for all types of dancers, continues to provide Sri Lankans with what they need to continue their dancing journey.

Baile Feliz!

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