CreativeHub provides organisations the opportunity to create a winning first impression with prospects by using Marketrix, an interactive platform for effective Business-to-Business (B2B) hybrid selling.

Traditional sales pitches are ineffectual in today’s time of advanced technology. Getting in touch with a prospect and pitching products and services to them hoping they would convert, has its drawbacks. There is usually a much smaller chance of conversion, thus leading to inefficiencies in the sales and marketing process. A sales pitch is the ultimate tool in persuasion and this is where Marketrix comes into play.

Marketrix is a Virtual Sales Platform that gives companies an edge to differentiate themselves from their competition by leveraging technology. The platform provides a host of unique state of the art features that help organizations tell their stories in a visually engaging manner while connecting with prospects in real time. Marketrix’s use of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Product Viewing, AI, Secure Customer Logins, Informative User Dashboards, and a user-friendly interface helps redefine the B2B digital engagement strategy of businesses. The platform allows for sales teams to connect with potential customers at a higher level, with more convincing power while also enabling them to reach multiple prospects simultaneously instead of focusing on one prospect at a time. In the event the prospect wants to find out how the business operates, Marketrix can provide them with immersive virtual tours around the company & its facilities. The 3D product viewing feature allows prospects to view products in 3D from any angle.

Marketrix has been designed to adapt to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, logistics, real estate, IT, etc., and is currently in operation with leading businesses in Sri Lanka such as Haycarb, Dipped Products (subsidiaries of the Hayley’s Group), Star Garments, Lalan Rubbers, and the Expo Lanka Group.

“The virtual experience platform has been a very effective tool for us. We’ve been able to conduct many sessions, even including online audits, supported by it.”

– Rajitha Kariyawasan | Managing Director, Haycarb PLC.”

Marketrix is designed and developed by CreativeHub, a Marketing Technology Provider, with offices based in Sri Lanka, USA, Canada and Australia. CreativeHub helps businesses around the world to discover new potentials for growth and to unlock scalability through innovative marketing and technology solutions. The company specializes in Digital Strategy, Full Force Marketing, Software Product Engineering and Interactive Marketing Solutions that help businesses drive towards scalable growth.

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