Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS), one of the fastest-growing education providers in Sri Lanka, and the most experienced global provider delivering CIMA’s CGMA Finance Leadership Program, guarantees students significant savings when pursuing the CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CGMA FLP), a self-study learning and assessment pathway that assist the students to complete the qualification within 12 months.

In terms of Standards and Syllabus, both current and FLP routes are founded on the CGMA Competency Framework. They use the same syllabus, teach the same nine competency areas, test the same material and require the same level of proficiency and experience. Learning in CGMA FLP is fully guided through the CGMA FLP digital platform. It is done entirely online in the self-paced digital environment where all learning materials needed to complete the qualification, including exam prep courses are readily available.

ICBS offers students a zero cost on their tuition fee which amounts to a total saving of approximately LKR 300,000. To date, ICBS is the very first tuition partner to have coached students through their FLP journey in Sri Lanka. ICBS’ panel of lecturers have extensive international teaching experience, across multiple countries. ICBS also provides a world-class Learning Management System (LMS) which ensures students have access to learning support 24/7 through a combination of recorded and live classes.

Sharing her thoughts on his CGMA FLP experience, ICBS student Habilas Sawndarajan commented, “The CIMA FLP program at ICBS makes learning an easy and enjoyable experience, where lecturers provide extensive support pertaining to all areas of the case study. Moreover, well-rounded mock exams made sure that all possible exam questions are practiced prior to the exam, and the one-to-one tutor support ensured that the CIMA FLP experience is problem-free and ensured I completed all three case study exams within a year.”

K.G. Disuri Kalara, another ICBS student stated, “CIMA FLP really helped me to increase and develop my business and finance skills. This platform helped me to visit many of the areas leading to ensure the ability to practically apply the knowledge learnt and gives a sound base of technical knowledge. I wish to mention that I would have never been able to succeed without the support of Team CIMA and my dearest college ICBS.”

Since its inception, ICBS has established itself as a leading Business School in Sri Lanka. ICBS’ history dates back to 1985 when it was known as CBS, which was a pioneer in CIMA education in Sri Lanka. ICBS was accredited by CIMA (UK) as a ‘Learning Partner Institute’ in 2004, making it one of the first institutes in Sri Lanka to receive this prestigious status, assuring the highest quality of delivery.

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