Ceyline Travels, the travel arm of diversified marine services company Ceyline Group, is proudly representing Sri Lanka in the global travel and tourism arena by entering the International Travel Awards.

The International Travel Awards is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world that rewards businesses within travel, tourism, and hospitality industries worldwide. The Awards recognizes excellence within each industry, representing those establishments that are the very best of the best in the world. Thousands of businesses are nominated for the awards every year with only a handful being awarded the titles of the best travel establishments in the world.

Ceyline commenced its travel agency business in 1996 to provide competitive and cost-effective marine crew travel for Ceyline personnel. The expertise gained in this specialized sector of air travel had made it an extremely reliable and highly-competent marine crew travel agency. The company built on this experience by offering travel services to corporate and leisure travel markets. Over the years, the company has expanded its services to cover Corporate, Leisure and Pilgrimage travel markets. Today, Ceyline Travels is one of the leading travel agencies in Sri Lanka with the world’s best service standards accredited by IATA, Slaito, PATA, JATA, & ASTA.

During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ceyline Travels responded rapidly to the fast-changing situation in the country by taking numerous pro-active steps including liaising with relevant authorities to ensure the smooth functioning of operations. The company-initiated discussions with the Director General of Civil Aviation to obtain permission for Sri Lankan seafarers who were overdue on vessels to be brought down to Sri Lanka. Additionally, the company was able to successfully repatriate over 150 Indian seafarers who had completed contracts and signed off from ships in Sri Lanka. Such a rapid yet methodical approach demonstrated the company’s adaptability and resilience and helped it to navigate the uncertain waters of the pandemic with relative ease.

Ceyline Travels is one of the most reputed inbound and outbound travel agents in Sri Lanka primarily due to the commitment and dedication of its team of experts who are ready to serve the travel requirements of clients 24×7. The well-experienced team possesses extensive knowledge of the travel industry and is able to take care of all the details for any type of clients, be it solo travellers, couples on holiday or honeymoon, groups of friends or convention delegates. For over two decades, Ceyline Travels has also been the trusted travel partner for Sri Lankans by creating travel arrangements to destinations across the globe. The company handles the entire process to ensure clients enjoy a unique and hassle-free journey of business or leisure.

Ceyline Group is one of the most diversified marine services groups in Sri Lanka with a rich maritime heritage. Over the years, the Group has brought leadership, innovation, discipline and quality assurance to a number of sectors including Marine, Education, Healthcare, Travel and Information Technology, thereby becoming a leading niche player in all segments.

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