Time being the painter, Life being the painting, Culture becomes Time’s palette full of colours: stories that define human life here on earth for thousands of years. The existence of numerous cultures with unique individualities leaves us baffled about how mystic differences can be, and how those mystic differences can exist in one shared human race. It indicates how many different trajectories Time has managed to wander around at different points of time in history, creating a labyrinth of various lifestyles. 

Global Village 2023 is one rare existent singularity that intends to connect those trajectories, to unite individualities of different cultures. Imagine a bubble-gum pink and a forest green colour palette with a touch of sky blue. Imagine a bowl of ramen with a rich broth, extra thin noodles, tender meat, and crispy green onions, all topped with a seven-minute egg. You have heard symphonies, seen the Milky Way, and tasted pizza.

Now imagine all these great elements that describe life, being combined into infinite combinations. Then you will be imagining Global Village 2023. The difference will be that, those combinations will be flying around you, and you will be seeing, tasting, hearing, feeling, experiencing and sharing that greatness at Global Village for one full day.

AIESEC in University of Moratuwa aims to celebrate culture through Global Village 2023. It will be done with Exchange Participants coming to Sri Lanka from different cultural backgrounds around the world for programs offered by AIESEC, AIESECers from 19 universities in Sri Lanka with the university crowd of University of Moratuwa. It is set to be held on the 22nd of August 2023 at the University of Moratuwa.

It will be a feast of cultures full of languages, food, attire, music, dances, people, and more elements that define a culture. Stories of their heroines and heroes will be told, and hands will be held to make steps on the same beat. Unique delicacies will be exchanged pleasing your taste buds with more stories they mumble about their cultures. Colorful attires and ornaments will beautify the event with their authenticities. And above all, lifelong connections will be made.

Global Village 2023 will be that slight slit in the thin barricade separating history from the present that you can look through and even put your arm through to touch and feel the wonders of time.

This is to empower youth, for youth, and for the future, aiming to strengthen peace and unity in humanity for life.

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