“We help Architects and Real estate agencies increase their turnover and decrease operations costs by creating life-like virtual tours easy to deploy in any location.” Ainharan Vivekananthan- Founder & CEO, AGMU Technology Corporation (Private) Limited

What is AGMU about?

AGMU is a Virtual Reality Platform enabling possibilities of Better Communication and Increased Sales and Revenues for Design and Real Estate industries. We have simplified the technology in a way that everyone can use VR to enhance their business with AGMU. We are geared to provide high quality, quick turnaround and cost effective VR solutions. We present this simple, cost effective and user friendly technology to enhance Communication, Client Engagement and Sales. The main intention of this product is to allow users to realistically experience an environment that he or she could not otherwise be physically present in.

How AGMU helps Architects with their Design Process?

Virtual Reality is a medium which is different from what we know so far, it can communicate the IDEA without any barrier of knowledge, language, perception and location and it is the closest REALITY CHECK we can achieve right now. Using immersive visualization during the design process can help clients understand it as it happens. We’ve found that aiding in client comprehension can help accelerate design schedules. Rather than making decisions based off floor plans and renderings, which are only representations of a space, a client can perceive a proposal at full-scale, and provide insightful and productive feedback.

People who has viewed the space in VR had a better ability to think in 3 dimensional space. Hence, it is not just a presentation tool but it can also a tool for Architect to enhance their creativity in completely different way.

AGMU, does it really increasing revenue for Real Estate?

Buying property for personal needs or business requires a lot of time and patience. It gets even tougher when the property and the customer are geographically distant. Virtual reality has the potential to save time and money for real estate preview, by visiting realty remotely. Brokers who build a virtual reality catalog with us have the ability to show their properties from a single location, in one appointment. In other way, instead of asking your potential clients to visit the apartment, they can carry the apartment to wherever the client is and client can do property inspection at their own convenient location. This will save extensive travelling time for client as well as Real Estate agents. Further, this will help the real estate agent to close the deals in a short period of time.

AGMU can also assist the sales of property under construction. Marketers and real estate agents always struggle in advertising such housings because of lack of actual objects to see. And architectural 3D visualization allows seeing the future look of exterior or even interior designs. Virtual reality presents a new way for prospective buyers to fully understand a residence before construction is complete. We have surveyed buyers who’ve tried our experience, and 95% stated that it was as effective as a full-scale mock-up unit, which can be a significant cost for developers. In this way, we eliminate the Mock Apartment Cost.

What are the Services AGMU offers?

Tethered VR Solutions– The absolute best-quality VR experiences can’t be powered by a mobile phone. That is why we provide PC-based VR experience services that run off external computers or game consoles. This means that they can offer sophisticated features like motion tracking, high-resolution screens, and the best graphics possible. 360 Image and Video Capturing– AGMU provides 4K 360 Images and Vide capturing services for existing buildings and locations. This service is mainly targeted the Real Estate, Leisure, and Hospitality industries. Photorealistic Stereoscopic 3D Rendering-We provide services of creating “Photo-Realistic” two-dimensional images or animations showing the real attributes of a proposed architectural design. We combine photography and 3D rendering to produce accurate visual simulations of design proposals.

In a nutshell, what are the benefits AGMU VR can offer to Architects and Real Estate Agents?

#1 Saves Time- This is probably the biggest benefit – virtual reality solutions save time for both clients and realtors. Thanks to VR, there’s no need to travel from one property to another and sit in traffic jams. Instead, clients can simply put on VR headsets and enjoy immersive three-dimensional tours. #2 Builds Emotional Connections– Virtual tours of houses and apartments help your clients visualize each property. Unlike traditional visits when everyone is in a hurry, potential buyers can take VR home tours at a time that’s convenient and can focus their attention on details. #3 Offers Global Reach– Since most properties can be shown through virtual tours, realtors can work more productively. Also, it doesn’t matter where your clients live. VR helps you showcase properties even to long-distance buyers. Of course, this means you can work with more clients and process more inquiries.

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