Joel Outschoorn set out to guide the upcoming enthusiasts in the art of presenting

Joel Outschoorn also known as Joel the host is a big name in the media industry, known for his talent of public speaking and presenting for some of the major events and leading programs in media.  Having studied at St. Peters College, Joel pursued his education in business and marketing, completing the CIM, UK qualification […]

Equip your teams for success with a Show & Tell presentation

Business success often rests on being able to make a great presentation. Whether it is to buy your product or service, invest in your company or support your project, you need to be able to capture your audience’s hearts and minds before they open their wallets. Show & Tell is Sri Lanka’s first and only […]

“Inspire Me” introduces the perfect stepping stone to Emerging Female Entrepreneurs

Women are icons who prove that humans are capable of tremendous resilience under pressure. “Inspire Me” is the latest entrepreneurship program, introduced to create an ultimate support system for emerging female entrepreneurs across Sri Lanka who demonstrated commendable resilience under pressure. The initiative- “Inspire Me” is a YouTube Channel that was launched in July 2020 […]


Marketing 2020

Ready to bring digital PR strategies for your next marketing plan? Public Relations – Target is to convey a message to the heart of the market using a language of delicate sensitivity as Public is our relation, yes very close one. Public relations is important because it takes a brand’s core message and turns it […]